Toto's Newsagent

This was a photography project where we were each told to find a "corner shop" and photograph it for several days. It was a project intended to show the shop throughout a normal day. For the record, opening time was 4:45AM. (The sole reason for me telling you that is so I can publicly complain about being outside taking pictures at 4:45AM.) In these photos you'll see the manager of Toto's Newsagent, a sweet lady from Northern Ireland who is responsible for almost everything that goes on. You'll also see the delivery man who comes twice a week and stays for an hour to chat with the manager and have tea and digestives (that means cookies, Americans), a local boy delivering the morning papers and some of the regular customers. I loved seeing how such a strong community was built by this tiny corner shop. I also loved remembering that I don't usually have to wake up at 4AM. Enjoy!