Ana & Matt (They're Engaged!)

I had the amazing fun of doing an engagement shoot for Ana de Souza and Matthew Cook this month. They are possibly the most adorable couple in the world and it was SUCH a fun day. We ended up spending the whole day together, starting in the woods behind his house, then on the street biking and then went to this amazing little wildflower field which, believe it or not, was the little piece of grass on a jug handle where Rt 28 and 29 meet. Props to Matt for finding this little oasis that overlooks Centerville and a charming chain of fastfood restaurants (that I managed to avoid in the photos). We ended in the mountains where Matthew proposed to Ana last winter. Really, you two are so cute it's sickening. 

A couple things to notice:
1. Ana's yellow bike was a gift from Matt, an avid biker.
2. The engagement ring. It's made from ebony wood using bentwood process and has a pearl inlay that wraps around the ring (description via Matthew). The stone is a ruby, inspired by Proverbs 31:10. "A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies."

Matt bought the ring from a man who makes custom wooden rings locally. Check out his website at

Congratulations Ana and Matt! Your love for each other, and more importantly, your love of God is such a joy to be around.