The Body Restoration Studio (And Magic)

Meet Kim Limon, owner and genius of The Body Restoration Studio. She does all sorts of magic like P-DTR®NKT®ART® and ROCKTAPE® in order to help people move past their phyiscal limitations and live the lives they want to. She started as a personal trainer specializing in post-rehab needs and since then has taken every class and certification ever and learned about everything about the body there is to know. Or if she doesn't know everything there is to know, she's pretty close. It's pretty incredible to hear about some of the issues she's resolved and the amazing progress her clients make.

I got to photograph her in action working on several different clients with various pathologies and needs. Here are some of the photos of her working her wonders.

Click here to check out her website which (SPOILER ALERT!) I designed, to see more photos and find out more about what she does.

Stan Moore Woodworking

This shoot was a dream. I've spent my whole life admiring Stan Moore's beautiful wood creations, so I jumped at the chance to photograph some of his pieces. These photos only give a glimpse of this man's incredible talent. From tiny bowls to grand staircases, everything he makes is beautiful. 

Visit his site to see more of his work at

Suzy's Pops

If every photoshoot included handmade gourmet popsicles, the world would be a much better place. This delicious shoot was at the adorable and unique Suzy's Pops at Lowe Mille in Huntsville, AL. I loved having the chance to shoot for Suzy's Pops, and getting to try both the coconut AND the horchata pops was an added plus. 

Thank you to our wonderful models, Brooke and Remy! 
And Raeley Stevenson was a champ with lighting. 


Grounded Coffee

I am loving my time in Huntsville, Alabama, collaborating with Raeley Stevenson Photography. We've been teaming up to photograph local signature businesses in the area. Here are some of my photos from one of our favorite clients, Grounded Coffee.

Find out more about our collaboration (and see Raeley's photos of our Grounded shoot) HERE

And here's a big shoutout to Betsy and Jared, who were fantastic models, excellent joke-tellers, and inspiring queso enthusiasts. Mark my words: we've got a future together.