On a rainy night in October, I had a chance to photograph an old friend of mine, Maxwell Nitz, known in the music industry as Wolfhart. You can read a little bit about him below. And then you can look at the photos to see how cool he is. I'll give you a hint: he's really cool. 

Wolfhart is an up-and-coming DJ in the DC area, studying under Claude Whitfield and Jamie Brewer (DJ Red). He is well-versed in a variety of musical genres, including new school, old school, hip hop, progressive in electro house, rock pop, and top 40. He's played in a variety of places, such as Barreled at the Lift and the L4 Lounge in Charlotte, North Carolina and recently has been opening for renowned local DJs occasionally at Living Room DC on Saturday nights. Wolfhart can be found Thursday through Saturday working lights and teaming up with other DJs at Living Room DC. He started 2017 not knowing anyone in the music scene and has come so far in just a year that the sky is the limit for the future.