New Year, New Ortiz!

What a party this wedding was!! Maggie and Nick got married on New Years Eve, so naturally the reception had to morph into a NYE party at some point. I started shooting at 1:00 PM and finished at 1:30 AM, and absolutely loved it.

You saw Maggie and Nick’s engagement photos earlier this year (here it is, in case you slept through it Somehow they’ve gotten even cuter and more in love since then. So brace yourself for the preview of their stunning winter wedding

Are you ready? Here we go.

All of the vendors at this wedding were lovely to work with! I would recommend every one of them again.

Wonderland Venue: Historic Rosemont Manor
Fantastic DJ: DJ Rick Rohn
Gorgeous Hair and Makeup: Michelle’s Beautique
Delicious Food-Providers: Celebrations Catering

Team for Life: Maggie & Nick

There's a lot of soccer in this relationship. A lot of soccer. Whether or not the sport is called soccer, however, is up for debate between these two. So call it football, or call it soccer; they're pretty impressive either way. Maggie and Nick are becoming a team for life next January, and I get to be their photographer.

Enjoy some shots of our oh-so-fun half day shoot spanning from George Mason's soccer fields to Manassas Battlefield Park to some random apartment complex in Centreville that still had cherry blossoms blooming.

Are the action photos legit? Yes.
Are they this good looking in person? Also yes.
Did I climb a tree for the cherry blossom photos? Definitely.
Did I fall out of said tree while taking photos? Also definitely.


Married on a Horse Ranch

When considering the best locations for an outdoor wedding, definitely put a horse ranch on the list. ESPECIALLY if the bride is a jockey and the groom works with horses for a living.

This wedding in Wesley Chapel, Florida was absolutely lovely. And with half of the bridal party being Puerto Rican, it's no surprise that the dancing was amazing. 

Congratulations again, Kat and Jose!

Dancing in the Heights

My stunning sister Lizz is, of course, my favorite dancer to photograph. Not only is she a fierce dancer (as you can see), but she's also a machine. She's got the muscle to hold the most difficult poses for ages, which makes my job rather easy. I think next time I'll take a nap while she's balancing on one foot, just to see how long she lasts. 

Enjoy these photos from our morning shoot in Washington Heights. Then follow @lizzpicini on Instagram because she's famous.


On a rainy night in October, I had a chance to photograph an old friend of mine, Maxwell Nitz, known in the music industry as Wolfhart. You can read a little bit about him below. And then you can look at the photos to see how cool he is. I'll give you a hint: he's really cool. 

Wolfhart is an up-and-coming DJ in the DC area, studying under Claude Whitfield and Jamie Brewer (DJ Red). He is well-versed in a variety of musical genres, including new school, old school, hip hop, progressive in electro house, rock pop, and top 40. He's played in a variety of places, such as Barreled at the Lift and the L4 Lounge in Charlotte, North Carolina and recently has been opening for renowned local DJs occasionally at Living Room DC on Saturday nights. Wolfhart can be found Thursday through Saturday working lights and teaming up with other DJs at Living Room DC. He started 2017 not knowing anyone in the music scene and has come so far in just a year that the sky is the limit for the future.

The Price Squad

I've known this wonderful family for most of my life. (What are we at now, Danny? 20 years of friendship?) They're fantastic. Therefore it was so much fun to photograph them, despite the fact that it was 19 degrees outside that day. Let me repeat: NINETEEN DEGREES. 

They should all get Nobel Peace Prizes. Just saying.

She's All That Charities

This was such an honor and such a fun day, photographing at She's All That Charities near Huntsville, Alabama.

She's All That Charities is a nonprofit organization that helps teenage girls from under-resourced communities break the cycle of generational poverty through education, mentorship, and job training. It is a wonderful, fun atmosphere (as you'll see from the photos) and this charity provides practical training that these girls for successful self-sufficiency through educational scholarships, life skills learning, personal and professional development, mentoring, and hands-on job training."

I had the chance to photograph seven vibrant, beautiful young ladies with bright possibilities ahead of them. A talented team of makeup artists came in to prepare the girls for the photoshoot and we had a blast taking professional headshots and also portraits just for fun.  

To find out how you can be part of making a difference in these girls' lives, click here.

Stan Moore Woodworking

This shoot was a dream. I've spent my whole life admiring Stan Moore's beautiful wood creations, so I jumped at the chance to photograph some of his pieces. These photos only give a glimpse of this man's incredible talent. From tiny bowls to grand staircases, everything he makes is beautiful. 

Visit his site to see more of his work at

Bruce and Hannah Melt Hearts

It's hard to be around Hannah and Bruce and not leave smiling. They are so fun, so genuine, and so full of the Lord. After enjoying a truly inspiring dinner of Indian food together, we painted Old Town Manassas red and then drove to Manassas Battlefield Park for some more photos in the gloaming (with their corgi, naturally). I had a blast. Make sure to note the Bruce's cosy masai blanket. He grew up in Kenya, so it's the real article.

These two are so in love that being around them makes you fall a little bit in love yourself. 

Suzy's Pops

If every photoshoot included handmade gourmet popsicles, the world would be a much better place. This delicious shoot was at the adorable and unique Suzy's Pops at Lowe Mille in Huntsville, AL. I loved having the chance to shoot for Suzy's Pops, and getting to try both the coconut AND the horchata pops was an added plus. 

Thank you to our wonderful models, Brooke and Remy! 
And Raeley Stevenson was a champ with lighting. 


A Girl and Her Ukulele

I don't need to tell you how gorgeous Christine is; it's pretty obvious from the photos. But I will tell you how sweet and fun she was to work with. Between her bright personality, the beautiful weather, a creek to play in, flowers to pick, and background ukulele music to listen to, this photoshoot was a treat!