She's All That Charities

This was such an honor and such a fun day, photographing at She's All That Charities near Huntsville, Alabama.

She's All That Charities is a nonprofit organization that helps teenage girls from under-resourced communities break the cycle of generational poverty through education, mentorship, and job training. It is a wonderful, fun atmosphere (as you'll see from the photos) and this charity provides practical training that these girls for successful self-sufficiency through educational scholarships, life skills learning, personal and professional development, mentoring, and hands-on job training."

I had the chance to photograph seven vibrant, beautiful young ladies with bright possibilities ahead of them. A talented team of makeup artists came in to prepare the girls for the photoshoot and we had a blast taking professional headshots and also portraits just for fun.  

To find out how you can be part of making a difference in these girls' lives, click here.