From November 16-18, 2012 my photojournalism class traveled to Athens to photograph Greece in crisis.   
Athens is a city in turmoil. Greece is at the heart of the Eurozone crisis with high debt, high poverty and almost palpable political tension. The recent elections were well-documented and the austerity measures placed on this country by the EU have been trumpeted through the news, but I hoped to capture more than that. I wanted to capture the face of Athens. I photographed the political tension, the anger and despair. I photographed the desperation and heartache felt walking down the streets. But I tried to make my photos go deeper than spot news, to the heart of the issue. 

These pictures do not show Athens as a crumbling block in the European Union, they show men with crumbling resolve. These are not images of fire being thrown at policemen, of livid mobs yelling. They are photos of the people behind the fire, of the anguish behind the anger. Policemen with eyes full of fear, instead of threat. Backs bent with exhaustion. Tradition being desperately clung to. But most importantly, these are photos of the resolve that the people of Athens still possess. Because the people of Athens have not given up. Despite the pain and the anger, there is hope. There is strength in their eyes. There is faith. 

I hope that as you look at these photos you see more than a political and economic crisis. I hope you see the face of Athens. Anguish, heartbreak and desperation, yes, but a people who refuse to give up.

Translation: When peaceful revolution becomes impossible violence is necessary. 
(Followed by the symbol of the anarchists)