Team for Life: Maggie & Nick

There's a lot of soccer in this relationship. A lot of soccer. Whether or not the sport is called soccer, however, is up for debate between these two. So call it football, or call it soccer; they're pretty impressive either way. Maggie and Nick are becoming a team for life next January, and I get to be their photographer.

Enjoy some shots of our oh-so-fun half day shoot spanning from George Mason's soccer fields to Manassas Battlefield Park to some random apartment complex in Centreville that still had cherry blossoms blooming.

Are the action photos legit? Yes.
Are they this good looking in person? Also yes.
Did I climb a tree for the cherry blossom photos? Definitely.
Did I fall out of said tree while taking photos? Also definitely.


The Price Squad

I've known this wonderful family for most of my life. (What are we at now, Danny? 20 years of friendship?) They're fantastic. Therefore it was so much fun to photograph them, despite the fact that it was 19 degrees outside that day. Let me repeat: NINETEEN DEGREES. 

They should all get Nobel Peace Prizes. Just saying.

Bruce and Hannah Melt Hearts

It's hard to be around Hannah and Bruce and not leave smiling. They are so fun, so genuine, and so full of the Lord. After enjoying a truly inspiring dinner of Indian food together, we painted Old Town Manassas red and then drove to Manassas Battlefield Park for some more photos in the gloaming (with their corgi, naturally). I had a blast. Make sure to note the Bruce's cosy masai blanket. He grew up in Kenya, so it's the real article.

These two are so in love that being around them makes you fall a little bit in love yourself. 

Kettell Wedding

I have two weddings coming up this weekend, so brides and grooms are on my mind. Which brings us back to the wedding of Paige, one of the most precious young ladies I know, and Spencer, her fun and loving groom. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

The difference between girls getting ready...

And boys getting ready...

McMahon McWedding

I can't begin to express how much I enjoyed photographing this wedding. It was so much fun and so lovely. The day was gorgeous, the venue was beautiful, there were horses grazing in a nearby field. I mean, really. I woke up sore from all the laughing and dancing that went right alongside the photographing. I also had the privilege of seeing the brilliant Cullen Studio in action (shoutout to the talented Zach Cullen and Gabrielle Frawley!)

I could go on forever about how much I love Maggie and Curtis, but I want you to look at the photos, so I'll keep it short. It was a blessing to be part of the day that they became one in God's eyes. The two of them overflow with that sacrificial love that makes it a little easier to understand Christ's incomparable love for us. 

I hope these pictures let you feel part of the joy of these two irreplaceable friends of mine. 

Maggie & Curtis

[Prepare for me to sound like a Hallmark card.] 

Meet the impossibly adorable Maggie and Curtis, who are less than nine months from being husband and wife. I've had the joy of knowing them both separately for the past four years and of watching them meet and fall in love. Let me tell you, these two follow Christ with all of their hearts. It's been so gratifying to watch them hold their relationship up to God with open hands and to watch how He has used that to bless both them and everyone around them. These are two beautiful (and in Curtis's case, handsome) people who light up the lives of everyone they encounter. So let's hope their pictures bring some light too. Enjoy! 

[On a related note, I totally called this relationship from Day 1 and therefore expect a future child to bear my name. Make it happen.]

Shoutout to Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in Cazenovia, NY for the stellar props.

A new ring and an old watch. The watch belonged to Maggie's great-grandmother.

The best jewelry Curtis ever bought.

Meanwhile, this was happening:

Matt & Becca (Second Shooting with Kaitlyn Phipps Photography)

I had the immense privilege of being the second shooter for the brilliantly talented Kaitlyn Phipps in a wedding this summer. Congratulations to Matt and Becca Reppert! In addition to being fun, sweet and almost too attractive to be allowed, Matt and Becca have a love centered around their Lord and Savior that is amazing to see. Their first act as a married couple was to wash each other's feet. It was incredible to watch them start their married life together with such a humbling act of service. It was also charming to see how much Becca loves Matt's (and now Becca's too!) precious daughter, Caroline.

It was a joy and a blessing to shoot alongside Kaitlyn Phipps. Posing and editing credit goes to her! See some of her stunning work at (And a big shoutout to Brooke, you angel, who managed the camera gear and everything else except the silverware.)


Meyers & Co.

I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing the Meyers/Richards/Arnold family (hereafter referred to as Meyers & Co.) We were missing one family member, so the photos couldn't quite be perfect, but what a beautiful family!

I can't say enough how much we appreciate our servicemen, and Kyle (the handsome marine in the v-neck) is at the top of that list. Thank you for serving and protecting our country.

Man and Wife: Matthew and Ana Cook

Forgive the giant gap in this blog. I took pictures before the wedding and after it, but during the wedding I was slightly preoccupied being the maid of honor. My incredible mother photographed the actual ceremony, but I didn't post them here, so you'll have to settle for photos from before and after. Photos of the Reception will be coming later.

This wedding was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. From the stunning wedding dress and tiara that Mamae Evelin made for Ana, to the unhindered joy on everyone's faces, it was incredible. Ana looked breathtakingly beautiful and Matthew looked pretty spiffy himself. But the thing that made them absolutely glow was the love for Jesus and the love for each other that poured out of them every second of that day. 

Congratulations, you two!

[giant gap while I was being the maid of honor]

Ana & Matt (They're Engaged!)

I had the amazing fun of doing an engagement shoot for Ana de Souza and Matthew Cook this month. They are possibly the most adorable couple in the world and it was SUCH a fun day. We ended up spending the whole day together, starting in the woods behind his house, then on the street biking and then went to this amazing little wildflower field which, believe it or not, was the little piece of grass on a jug handle where Rt 28 and 29 meet. Props to Matt for finding this little oasis that overlooks Centerville and a charming chain of fastfood restaurants (that I managed to avoid in the photos). We ended in the mountains where Matthew proposed to Ana last winter. Really, you two are so cute it's sickening. 

A couple things to notice:
1. Ana's yellow bike was a gift from Matt, an avid biker.
2. The engagement ring. It's made from ebony wood using bentwood process and has a pearl inlay that wraps around the ring (description via Matthew). The stone is a ruby, inspired by Proverbs 31:10. "A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies."

Matt bought the ring from a man who makes custom wooden rings locally. Check out his website at

Congratulations Ana and Matt! Your love for each other, and more importantly, your love of God is such a joy to be around.