The Price Squad

I've known this wonderful family for most of my life. (What are we at now, Danny? 20 years of friendship?) They're fantastic. Therefore it was so much fun to photograph them, despite the fact that it was 19 degrees outside that day. Let me repeat: NINETEEN DEGREES. 

They should all get Nobel Peace Prizes. Just saying.

Face Toward the Sun

I love sunflowers. They're bright and joyful and exactly my favorite color of yellow. But I also love them because they remind me how to live: They stand straight and tall and always turn their faces toward the sun. In a field of sunflowers you can locate the sun without even looking up, just by noting which way all of the sunflowers face.

I want my life to be one of strength, dignity, and beauty. I will stand straight and tall and keep my face pointed toward the Son of God. And my prayer is that when people see me, their eyes will be redirected to Jesus Christ- the source of any goodness that I have and the reason for my joy.


(The photos of these stunning sunflowers were taken at Burnside Farms in Haymarket, VA)

Mother Knows Best

She is a mother first, a hunter second, but that does not lessen her love for hunting. Now that her two boys are old enough to use guns safely, Jaime Covert teaches them how to hunt.

            Jaime Covert has been hunting since she was 19 years old, but her sons had the privilege of starting much sooner. At ages 8 and 10, they are already experienced with their first guns.
            The Coverts live on a family-run dairy farm in Prattsburgh with roughly 1,350 cows. Between the four immediate families that work the farm, there is a crew of 15 to 20 that deer hunt together, and Jaime is the only woman. “Not a lot of people approve of women hunting, but I love it and if I didn't do it my boys would not know how to hunt,” Covert said.
            Her husband, Joel, doesn’t shoot, so Jaime is teaching her 8 and 10-year-old sons how to hunt. One of the ways the boys are learning is by shooting pests around the farm. Starlings eat the cow feed, raccoons kill the chickens and groundhogs dig holes in the field that can wreck the farm equipment. Jaime has also had to shoot coyotes and foxes to protect the livestock.
            More than just hunting, Covert is teaching the boys gun safety. “My boys know that guns are deadly weapons,” said Covert. “They won’t just pick them up and play with them. They won’t even touch them without me being around. That’s one of the rules.” Safety rules in the Covert house are strict and taken very seriously. The guns are locked and stored separately from the bullets. There is not a loaded gun in the house.
            Being a mother has strongly influenced Covert’s stand on gun control laws. Family is her first priority, and she believes the upcoming regulations will limit her ability to protect her children. She says the new gun control laws in New York are an infringement on our constitutional rights. “People who misuse the guns are ruining it for everyone else,” she said.

It was such a blessing to photograph and get to know the Covert family. Enjoy the photos!

"Not a lot of people approve of women hunting, but I love it and if I didn't my boys would not know how to hunt."
-Jaime Covert

"It's important to know how to hunt because that's part of how we feed our family," said Jaime. 

Aside from pests and predators on the farm, she doesn't shoot anything they won't eat.