Married on a Horse Ranch

When considering the best locations for an outdoor wedding, definitely put a horse ranch on the list. ESPECIALLY if the bride is a jockey and the groom works with horses for a living.

This wedding in Wesley Chapel, Florida was absolutely lovely. And with half of the bridal party being Puerto Rican, it's no surprise that the dancing was amazing. 

Congratulations again, Kat and Jose!

Face Toward the Sun

I love sunflowers. They're bright and joyful and exactly my favorite color of yellow. But I also love them because they remind me how to live: They stand straight and tall and always turn their faces toward the sun. In a field of sunflowers you can locate the sun without even looking up, just by noting which way all of the sunflowers face.

I want my life to be one of strength, dignity, and beauty. I will stand straight and tall and keep my face pointed toward the Son of God. And my prayer is that when people see me, their eyes will be redirected to Jesus Christ- the source of any goodness that I have and the reason for my joy.


(The photos of these stunning sunflowers were taken at Burnside Farms in Haymarket, VA)


Doing senior photos for beautiful Kylie was a joy! These are some of the photos from our first shoot, at Mehr Bro's Flowers, a stunning garden center tucked away in McLean, Virgina. The staff was wonderful and gracious, and the place was fun and full of life. In fact, between all the cats, dogs and roosters trying to jump into the photos, it felt like we were on Animal Planet. 

Next up: Kylie is an incredible swimmer. We followed this shoot with a swimmer shoot at the pool. It'll be up soon!