Bruce and Hannah's Wedding

Photographing weddings is always fun, but doing so for one of my dearest friends last year was such a privilege. Everything about this wedding was beautiful and perfectly illustrative of Hannah and Bruce. From the warmth of fall colors, elegantly unique decor, and divine food that one can only expect from Hannah, to the Massai blankets and banana leaf animals from Bruce's Kenyan upbringing, this wedding was exquisite.

And yet it was so much more than the details that made it a glorious day. Hannah and Bruce's wedding was full of the joy of the Lord. And a love so founded in Jesus Christ goes far deeper than feelings and circumstances. It's been an honor to see Bruce and Hannah's relationship progress and to watch how the Lord is working in and through them. I cannot wait to see what plans He has in store for these two. Mark my words, they won't be small. 


Fusion Exercise

Over recent years, I've had the pleasure of working with Rhonda Kaufman Malkin, a woman of many talents. She is the owner of Fusion Exercise, a "combination of dance, Pilates, yoga and massage, all rolled into an incredibly energizing one-hour personal workout that is tailored specifically to your fitness goals" (excerpt from Fusion Exercise website).

I've been privileged to photograph Rhonda individually (she's gorgeous, people!) and also to use my camera to capture the two sides of her business: Personal Training and Professional Dance Coaching. Here are some of my favorite photos from a couple dance coaching sessions in New York City. Enjoy!

Kate in the City

I had such a fun time photographing Kate last Spring (barely Spring) and traipsing around the city with her to get these headshots and dance shots. Let me tell you, it was cold that day and while I was bundled up in coat and hat, this woman was such a good, lovely sport. Enjoy!

McMahon McWedding

I can't begin to express how much I enjoyed photographing this wedding. It was so much fun and so lovely. The day was gorgeous, the venue was beautiful, there were horses grazing in a nearby field. I mean, really. I woke up sore from all the laughing and dancing that went right alongside the photographing. I also had the privilege of seeing the brilliant Cullen Studio in action (shoutout to the talented Zach Cullen and Gabrielle Frawley!)

I could go on forever about how much I love Maggie and Curtis, but I want you to look at the photos, so I'll keep it short. It was a blessing to be part of the day that they became one in God's eyes. The two of them overflow with that sacrificial love that makes it a little easier to understand Christ's incomparable love for us. 

I hope these pictures let you feel part of the joy of these two irreplaceable friends of mine. 

Maggie & Curtis

[Prepare for me to sound like a Hallmark card.] 

Meet the impossibly adorable Maggie and Curtis, who are less than nine months from being husband and wife. I've had the joy of knowing them both separately for the past four years and of watching them meet and fall in love. Let me tell you, these two follow Christ with all of their hearts. It's been so gratifying to watch them hold their relationship up to God with open hands and to watch how He has used that to bless both them and everyone around them. These are two beautiful (and in Curtis's case, handsome) people who light up the lives of everyone they encounter. So let's hope their pictures bring some light too. Enjoy! 

[On a related note, I totally called this relationship from Day 1 and therefore expect a future child to bear my name. Make it happen.]

Shoutout to Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in Cazenovia, NY for the stellar props.

A new ring and an old watch. The watch belonged to Maggie's great-grandmother.

The best jewelry Curtis ever bought.

Meanwhile, this was happening:

Mother Knows Best

She is a mother first, a hunter second, but that does not lessen her love for hunting. Now that her two boys are old enough to use guns safely, Jaime Covert teaches them how to hunt.

            Jaime Covert has been hunting since she was 19 years old, but her sons had the privilege of starting much sooner. At ages 8 and 10, they are already experienced with their first guns.
            The Coverts live on a family-run dairy farm in Prattsburgh with roughly 1,350 cows. Between the four immediate families that work the farm, there is a crew of 15 to 20 that deer hunt together, and Jaime is the only woman. “Not a lot of people approve of women hunting, but I love it and if I didn't do it my boys would not know how to hunt,” Covert said.
            Her husband, Joel, doesn’t shoot, so Jaime is teaching her 8 and 10-year-old sons how to hunt. One of the ways the boys are learning is by shooting pests around the farm. Starlings eat the cow feed, raccoons kill the chickens and groundhogs dig holes in the field that can wreck the farm equipment. Jaime has also had to shoot coyotes and foxes to protect the livestock.
            More than just hunting, Covert is teaching the boys gun safety. “My boys know that guns are deadly weapons,” said Covert. “They won’t just pick them up and play with them. They won’t even touch them without me being around. That’s one of the rules.” Safety rules in the Covert house are strict and taken very seriously. The guns are locked and stored separately from the bullets. There is not a loaded gun in the house.
            Being a mother has strongly influenced Covert’s stand on gun control laws. Family is her first priority, and she believes the upcoming regulations will limit her ability to protect her children. She says the new gun control laws in New York are an infringement on our constitutional rights. “People who misuse the guns are ruining it for everyone else,” she said.

It was such a blessing to photograph and get to know the Covert family. Enjoy the photos!

"Not a lot of people approve of women hunting, but I love it and if I didn't my boys would not know how to hunt."
-Jaime Covert

"It's important to know how to hunt because that's part of how we feed our family," said Jaime. 

Aside from pests and predators on the farm, she doesn't shoot anything they won't eat.

Flashlight Portraits

For this portrait series, I took the photos in the dark and used only a miniature flashlight to light them. They're all single exposures made in camera by moving the flashlight around or having the model move while the shutter was open. The best part of the shoot was me running around waving my tiny flashlight like a spaz while the girls tried to hold a straight face. My fiercely beautiful and incredibly patient models are:

Stephanie Billovits
Hannah Miller
Erika Scully

Enjoy the flashlight portraits!

Elbridge Fire Department

Last semester I had the chance to photograph Syracuse elections for Democracy in Action as a photojournalism project. I teamed up with a great reporter named Drew Roberts and we visited two Central New York locations.
(Read his story here: )

One of our locations was attached to the Elbridge Volunteer Fire Department. We met several members (and some family) of the incredible volunteer staff. These photos have nothing to do with the project, but they're worth looking at.

We owe volunteers such as these an enormous debt. Thank you all for what you sacrifice for our comfort and safety.