Fusion Exercise

Over recent years, I've had the pleasure of working with Rhonda Kaufman Malkin, a woman of many talents. She is the owner of Fusion Exercise, a "combination of dance, Pilates, yoga and massage, all rolled into an incredibly energizing one-hour personal workout that is tailored specifically to your fitness goals" (excerpt from Fusion Exercise website).

I've been privileged to photograph Rhonda individually (she's gorgeous, people!) and also to use my camera to capture the two sides of her business: Personal Training and Professional Dance Coaching. Here are some of my favorite photos from a couple dance coaching sessions in New York City. Enjoy!

Toto's Newsagent

This was a photography project where we were each told to find a "corner shop" and photograph it for several days. It was a project intended to show the shop throughout a normal day. For the record, opening time was 4:45AM. (The sole reason for me telling you that is so I can publicly complain about being outside taking pictures at 4:45AM.) In these photos you'll see the manager of Toto's Newsagent, a sweet lady from Northern Ireland who is responsible for almost everything that goes on. You'll also see the delivery man who comes twice a week and stays for an hour to chat with the manager and have tea and digestives (that means cookies, Americans), a local boy delivering the morning papers and some of the regular customers. I loved seeing how such a strong community was built by this tiny corner shop. I also loved remembering that I don't usually have to wake up at 4AM. Enjoy!

Man and Wife: Matthew and Ana Cook

Forgive the giant gap in this blog. I took pictures before the wedding and after it, but during the wedding I was slightly preoccupied being the maid of honor. My incredible mother photographed the actual ceremony, but I didn't post them here, so you'll have to settle for photos from before and after. Photos of the Reception will be coming later.

This wedding was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. From the stunning wedding dress and tiara that Mamae Evelin made for Ana, to the unhindered joy on everyone's faces, it was incredible. Ana looked breathtakingly beautiful and Matthew looked pretty spiffy himself. But the thing that made them absolutely glow was the love for Jesus and the love for each other that poured out of them every second of that day. 

Congratulations, you two!

[giant gap while I was being the maid of honor]

Elbridge Fire Department

Last semester I had the chance to photograph Syracuse elections for Democracy in Action as a photojournalism project. I teamed up with a great reporter named Drew Roberts and we visited two Central New York locations.
(Read his story here: http://www.dia-cny.com/electionday/?p=3522. )

One of our locations was attached to the Elbridge Volunteer Fire Department. We met several members (and some family) of the incredible volunteer staff. These photos have nothing to do with the project, but they're worth looking at.

We owe volunteers such as these an enormous debt. Thank you all for what you sacrifice for our comfort and safety.