McMahon McWedding

I can't begin to express how much I enjoyed photographing this wedding. It was so much fun and so lovely. The day was gorgeous, the venue was beautiful, there were horses grazing in a nearby field. I mean, really. I woke up sore from all the laughing and dancing that went right alongside the photographing. I also had the privilege of seeing the brilliant Cullen Studio in action (shoutout to the talented Zach Cullen and Gabrielle Frawley!)

I could go on forever about how much I love Maggie and Curtis, but I want you to look at the photos, so I'll keep it short. It was a blessing to be part of the day that they became one in God's eyes. The two of them overflow with that sacrificial love that makes it a little easier to understand Christ's incomparable love for us. 

I hope these pictures let you feel part of the joy of these two irreplaceable friends of mine. 

Matt & Becca (Second Shooting with Kaitlyn Phipps Photography)

I had the immense privilege of being the second shooter for the brilliantly talented Kaitlyn Phipps in a wedding this summer. Congratulations to Matt and Becca Reppert! In addition to being fun, sweet and almost too attractive to be allowed, Matt and Becca have a love centered around their Lord and Savior that is amazing to see. Their first act as a married couple was to wash each other's feet. It was incredible to watch them start their married life together with such a humbling act of service. It was also charming to see how much Becca loves Matt's (and now Becca's too!) precious daughter, Caroline.

It was a joy and a blessing to shoot alongside Kaitlyn Phipps. Posing and editing credit goes to her! See some of her stunning work at (And a big shoutout to Brooke, you angel, who managed the camera gear and everything else except the silverware.)