Maggie & Curtis

[Prepare for me to sound like a Hallmark card.] 

Meet the impossibly adorable Maggie and Curtis, who are less than nine months from being husband and wife. I've had the joy of knowing them both separately for the past four years and of watching them meet and fall in love. Let me tell you, these two follow Christ with all of their hearts. It's been so gratifying to watch them hold their relationship up to God with open hands and to watch how He has used that to bless both them and everyone around them. These are two beautiful (and in Curtis's case, handsome) people who light up the lives of everyone they encounter. So let's hope their pictures bring some light too. Enjoy! 

[On a related note, I totally called this relationship from Day 1 and therefore expect a future child to bear my name. Make it happen.]

Shoutout to Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in Cazenovia, NY for the stellar props.

A new ring and an old watch. The watch belonged to Maggie's great-grandmother.

The best jewelry Curtis ever bought.

Meanwhile, this was happening:

Flashlight Portraits

For this portrait series, I took the photos in the dark and used only a miniature flashlight to light them. They're all single exposures made in camera by moving the flashlight around or having the model move while the shutter was open. The best part of the shoot was me running around waving my tiny flashlight like a spaz while the girls tried to hold a straight face. My fiercely beautiful and incredibly patient models are:

Stephanie Billovits
Hannah Miller
Erika Scully

Enjoy the flashlight portraits!