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Expressing Personality Through Quirky Ring Photos

In the world of wedding photography, creative wedding ring shots can tell a story that goes beyond gems and metals. It’s the taste of a bride’s obsession with spicy food, the one scent that lingers in every special memory, the melody from strings on a violin passed through four generations.

These were some of my favorite to photograph, rings from six weddings, each paired with an unexpected partner as unique as the relationships of the owners. From hot sauce to heirlooms, these rings are more than symbols— they’re tiny storytellers capturing life.

Spice Things Up

Loving sriracha is one thing, but this bride takes it to a whole new level. When I discovered her obsession with the spicy sauce, I was determined to incorporate it into their wedding photos. When emailing the groom I asked if there would be any sriracha at the quaint house where they were tying the knot one Saturday in November. His response was perfect. “Yes, there will sriracha at the house. We are getting there Thursday so there’s no way she could go two days without it!” Thus a lace wedding dress, three rings, and a bottle of hot sauce came together to create this masterpiece (and not a spill in sight!)

sriracha, Tuong Ot, Huy Fong Foods, wedding photos, diamond, spicy food

Remember When

I grew up in Northern Virginia with a row of irises on the side of our house. I remember checking on them excitedly, waiting for those few weeks in May and June when they burst into bloom. One day there would be nothing but modest buds, and the next it was a riot of color, with purple petals curving dreamily in every direction. Like these seasonal flowers that I love, this couple’s wedding day was a brief but beautiful memory, a snapshot in time forever captured by a ring amongst the irises.

irises, summer flowers, engagement ring, detail shots, purple flowers

Tequila Deals

The bride loves tequila. The groom hates it. It was years ago but I still remember how hard I laughed when the bride told me she uses it as a bargaining card. If he asks her to do a favor for him she says “absolutely…if you do a tequila shot with me first.” He grinned ruefully as she told the tale, and confirmed that he’s had quite a bit of tequila in the course of their relationship.

Tequila: Patron Rings: Blue Diamond Veil: Kleinfeld Bridal

creative wedding ring shots, Silver Patron Tequila, engagement ring, diamond ring, Blue Diamond, Kleinfeld Brida

The Same Scent

This one is one of my favorite little wedding traditions. Brides, choose a perfume to use the day of your wedding, and then keep it to wear just on special occasions with your husband. I did this with a perfume I already owned, and now whenever I smell it I have a delightful jumble of memories of engagement photos, wedding festivities, birthday dinners, and military balls with the man I love.

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Perfume: Tiffany & Co. Rings: Grogan’s Jewelers Shoes: Keds

sentimental wedding details, Tiffany & Co, Grogan's Jewelers, Keds, sparkly shoes, engagement ring

A Study in Fours

Four strings, four rings, and an instrument that’s been loved for four generations. Including this treasured violin in both the photos and the ceremony, where it was displayed by the skilled performance of a friend, served as a heartfelt tribute to the bride’s great-grandmother, who loved it first.

Wedding rings, engagement ring, antique violin detail shots

Diamonds With a Touch of Taro

Want to know one of the best wedding reception locations I’ve photographed? A Thai food restaurant buffet. Pure magic, not least of which was the complimentary bubble tea! The taro smoothies stole the show, so I asked the newlyweds if I could steal the rings back for another photo. And since it would be a crime to let such a drink go to waste merely because the photographer had her hands all over it, I rose to the occasion and drank it.

Restaurant: Chao Phra Ya Thai

creative wedding ring shots, bubble tea, wedding detail photography, blueberries, Chao Phra Ya Thai, taro smoothie

And there you have it! Six creative wedding ring shots that are as diverse and delightful as the couples who wore them.

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