Married on a Horse Ranch

When considering the best locations for an outdoor wedding, definitely put a horse ranch on the list. ESPECIALLY if the bride is a jockey and the groom works with horses for a living.

This wedding in Wesley Chapel, Florida was absolutely lovely. And with half of the bridal party being Puerto Rican, it's no surprise that the dancing was amazing. 

Congratulations again, Kat and Jose!

Dancing in the Heights

My stunning sister Lizz is, of course, my favorite dancer to photograph. Not only is she a fierce dancer (as you can see), but she's also a machine. She's got the muscle to hold the most difficult poses for ages, which makes my job rather easy. I think next time I'll take a nap while she's balancing on one foot, just to see how long she lasts. 

Enjoy these photos from our morning shoot in Washington Heights. Then follow @lizzpicini on Instagram because she's famous.

Fusion Exercise

Over recent years, I've had the pleasure of working with Rhonda Kaufman Malkin, a woman of many talents. She is the owner of Fusion Exercise, a "combination of dance, Pilates, yoga and massage, all rolled into an incredibly energizing one-hour personal workout that is tailored specifically to your fitness goals" (excerpt from Fusion Exercise website).

I've been privileged to photograph Rhonda individually (she's gorgeous, people!) and also to use my camera to capture the two sides of her business: Personal Training and Professional Dance Coaching. Here are some of my favorite photos from a couple dance coaching sessions in New York City. Enjoy!

Kate in the City

I had such a fun time photographing Kate last Spring (barely Spring) and traipsing around the city with her to get these headshots and dance shots. Let me tell you, it was cold that day and while I was bundled up in coat and hat, this woman was such a good, lovely sport. Enjoy!